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Guarantees are important when it comes to our retirement and financial planning. Annuities are a financial tool that can provide you with the safety and security that you need. Annuities provide several benefits such as:

  1. Growth- Only positive returns
  2. Safety- Never lose another dollar to market losses
  3. Liquidity- Access to funds for emergencies
  4. Income- Guaranteed Income for Life, inflated by a 7% Guaranteed Annual Increase
  5. Estate- Beneficiaries receive assets, free of probate.

To many, these facts sound too good to be true. You may have even heard negative things about annuities from others. How can you rest assured with an annuity from Wealth Guardian Financial?

Getting an Annuity from Wealth Guardian Financial

There are several reasons why you can trust Wealth Guardian Financial to help you shop for an annuity. The first being that you will work with a Certified Financial Planner®, not just an insurance agent. A CFP® has the ethical responsibility to put your interests first. We will only make suggestions that are beneficial to you and support your financial wellbeing. We also understand how annuities work with all aspects of your finances including taxes and estate planning. This helps us to make educated and unbiased suggestions.

Second, we only offer fixed annuities. These annuities are safe investments with guaranteed rates of return. You fund a fixed annuity with a lump sum of money. This lump sum will earn a guaranteed interest rate each year. This amount grows tax-deferred and does not carry any market risk. This means that if the market goes down, you will continue to earn the guaranteed interest rate. This is opposed to a variable annuity, the volatile counterpart that tends to give annuities a bad name.

The third reason you can trust an annuity from Wealth Guardian Financial is that we only partner with insurance companies that are considered the best of the best. When you get an annuity from us you know you are getting a high-quality product that you can trust.

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