Frequently Asked Health Insurance QuestionsFrequently Asked Health Insurance Questions

As open enrollment comes to a close, we have found there are many common questions people have. In this article, we will answer four frequently asked health insurance questions.

1. Why can’t I enroll in a plan at any time of the year?

Each year open enrollment last from November 1st until January 31st. This is the only time you can enroll in a health insurance plan. You can also qualify for a special enrollment period for certain life-changing events such as losing health insurance, marriage, having a baby, or moving states. The purpose of this is to help keep healthcare costs low. It prevents people from signing up for insurance only when needed. This causes costs for insurance companies to skyrocket, which increases costs for clients. The open enrollment period helps to avoid that.

2. Is purchasing health insurance worth the cost?

The cost of health insurance can seem too high to be worth the value. But there are certain factors to consider. Mainly, is the fact that health insurance provides a safety net from high unexpected health care costs. For example, breaking a leg can cost you about $7,500. Health insurance helps to relieve such costs and provides preventative care at little to no cost.

3. Do I qualify for a health insurance policy if I have a preexisting condition?

Updated law changes prevent companies from denying you coverage due to a preexisting condition. This is due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

4. Why would I want health insurance if I am healthy?

Having health insurance helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. It covers preventative care such as vaccines and screenings at no additional cost to you. These screenings can help to catch issues early on before they become life-threatening and treatment is more expensive. It is also important to remember that no matter how healthy you are, you are still susceptible to accidents. Accidents are extremely costly without insurance.

Purchasing a Health Insurance Policy

If you do not currently have insurance and feel it is right for you, the best place to start is Here you can compare plans and purchase a policy that fits your needs and budget.

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