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6 08, 2016

Avoid Probate without a Trust in 4 Simple Steps:

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  How to Avoid Probate without a Trust Avoiding probate without a trust is not always the best solution but it is possible. Most of my clients come to my office with the primary objective of avoiding probate. If your goal is to transfer your assets free of probate, a Living Trust may be a [...]

28 01, 2016

Avoid Sibling Rivalries after Death

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Avoid Sibling Rivalries: WSJ: 'Wills,' prevent protracted legal battles when sibling rivalries are at play; Key to sound estate planning. It’s not uncommon for emotions to run high when family members make wrongful claims to a loved one’s estate. Quibbling over who really was to get that jewelry case, or the heirloom chairs can [...]

6 11, 2015

5 Important Differences Between a Will and Living Trust

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5 Important Differences Between a Will and Living Trust Did you know that fewer than 50% of American adults have estate planning documents? This is a concerning statistic, as it leaves the state as the default decision-maker. These cases often involve additional time and cost to effectively settle. Additionally, the [...]

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