When most advisors offer to help you with Financial Planning, they are often referring to helping you manage your assets, maybe create a plan to ensure that you have enough income to last throughout your lifetime and possibly plan to leave a little something behind for kids and grandchildren.

At Wealth Guardian Group we take Financial Planning quite a bit more serious. You see we believe that everything that impacts your plan should be considered, and while we do offer asset management, and income planning, we like to think we take it to the next level by incorporating things like Tax Planning, Estate Planning, and Insurance Planning.

We have created a business model that not only focuses on investments and retirement planning, but we are also experts in taxes, in fact we prepare our clients income tax returns as part of our service. We also are estate planning experts and we prepare and execute Revocable Living Trusts, Last Will & Testament, Living Will, Powers of Attorney, and other legal documents and help to make sure these documents are prepared correctly and funded correctly.

Further, when we prepare your taxes, it gives us additional insight to your tax situation so that we may make tax saving recommendations, or we may manage your taxable accounts differently to ensure we do not place an undue tax burden by placing a trade.

When we prepare your estate planning documents, we can make sure that you assets will be distributed the way you want, and we make sure that all your assets are properly titled in the trust.

When you engage Wealth Guardian Group to do Financial Planning, you will walk away with the peace of mind that we really did think of everything, and are setting you up for a successful retirement.